[Dnsmasq-discuss] ?: ADSL gateway

Pasi Mustalahti (ptmusta@utu.fi) ptmusta@utu.fi
Mon, 04 Apr 2005 10:00:22 +0300

PTM: In the begining: many thanks for the dnsmsq. It is simple and fast. 
I hope the development will continue and the product get more wind !
It has MUCH to give.

-One Win98 (Sabrina) all dynamic, connected straight to the ADSL
-one Linux (Jeeves, hardcoded IP) with dnsmasq, connected 
straight to the ADSL, apche.
-one external ADSL modem ( hardcoded IP) (Zyxel 660HW) working 
as a firewall.

1. I make Jeeves the only DHCP server -> Sabrina gets all parameters OK, 
except gateway = Sabrina CAN'T SURF EXTERNAL WEB but surfs 
internal WEB fine, Jeeves can surf internal and external web fine.

2. I make Zyxel the only DHCP server -> Sabrina gets even the gateway 
right ( and can surf internal and external

How to set the gateway address ?


Some comments about Dsnmaq: (not negative, but visions. Sorry I have no 
time to write the script just now.)

I have gone thru the normal way: first our family about 15 Windows 
clients connected straight to the ADSL-modem, then Linux server with 
BIND and now dsnmsq which seems to be the best.

The best part of  dsnmsq is the simple structure and easy configuration. 
Still I started to think about a simple script for the beginner (and 
maybe later a GUI), showing the old walues to be changed or approved  by 

-Filename of basic values
-Name of your domain
-Name and address of DNS server for this domain
-Name and address of DHCP for this domain
-Address of DNSs of the ISP
-Address of your gateway
-Dynamic addresses space
-List of clients: MAC, IP, Name, keys, comment

This script could write a file /etc/dnsmasq.conf.$TIME (including some 
comments) for the Root to check and copy/paste over the original with 
her editor. Or use it 'as is'.
For the advanced users and special needs there could be a 'Advanced' 
part in the script.

Could the client config file be a excel or .CMS table:
MAC,IP, NAME, keys, comments
MAC,IP, NAME, keys, comments
MAC,IP, NAME, keys, comments

The Leases -file could be in the same format

The 'keys' part could include DHCP, uNSx for upper name servers, sNSx 
for slave name servers, GWx for gateways,....