[Dnsmasq-discuss] Dnsmasq and PPTP

Dale DeJager Dale DeJager" <dale@att.net
Thu, 5 May 2005 20:38:21 -0500

I have PPTP working successfully with connectivity to/from the LAN, but I 
have a question relating to network name resolution:

 As configured I cannot get the PPTP session to assign a DNS suffix (also 
called DNS domain name) to the client PPTP connectoid. This means that 
simple references to a computer on the LAN (such as \\computer1) do not 
resolve. One work around for this is to put the suffix in the PPTP 
connectoid in the "DNS Suffix for this connection" field on the advanced 
TCP/IP DNS properties sheet. However, it is much easier and more flexible if 
the suffix can be assigned automatically when the connection is established 
in the same way that it is provided via DHCP for a LAN connection.

I do have expand-hosts set and the domain set in the .conf file and it 
appears that the DNS server is working properly.  I'm just trying to figure 
out how to automate the setting of the DNS Suffix at the time the connection 
is established.

Related to the above, I observe the following syslog error message twice 
during each PPTP session establishment:

May  5 23:07:15 Router daemon.warn dnsmasq[1715]: DHCP request for 
unsupported hardware type (8) recieved on ppp1

It seems as if the client is trying to ask for DHCP information via the PPTP 
session, but the request is being rejected by the dnsmasq server.

Does anyone know why this is or how to fix this problem?