[Dnsmasq-discuss] wildcard records, can it be done?

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Tue Aug 9 22:37:52 BST 2005


I've been working with dnsmasq on our local network and seems to integrate
very with with DHCP.  There's just one thing I can't figure out.

Basically we use it in a mode where its just reading the /etc/hosts file,
so I'll have something like:  machine.domain.info

Everything works great, I can do "nslookup machine.domain.info" as
expected.   I need to be able to do "nslookup
ANYTHING_GOES_HERE.machine.domain.info" and have it give me back the ip
address for machine.domain.info.

Our current method is to just keep adding entries in /etc/hosts everytime
we need a new sub-domain, but this is becoming very unwieldy for us.

Any solutions?

- Greg

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