[Dnsmasq-discuss] Missing DHCPNAKs

Dan Shechter DanS at GoNetworks.com
Thu Aug 11 18:02:38 BST 2005

I've been trying to use dnsmasq in a wireless access point (802.11
a/b/g) environment.

In these types of environments it is very common for:
1. Clients to use windows machines
2. Clients to roam in from a different wireless network.

I'm encountering a scenario where DNSMASQ is receiving a DHCPREQUEST for
renewal from
A client which is "roaming" in from a previous network which is a
network which
DNSMASQ's configuration file has no pool for.

There for DNSMASQ reports the error message from rfc2131.c:185:
"no address range available for DHCP request..." and returns.

Other wireless routers/access points are returning DHCPNAK messages in
this situation.

When a Windows machine receives a NAK it immediately goes through a
Otherwise, as with dnsmasq, the windows machine takes up to a minute to
give up on
The old request and start the DISCOVER/REQUEST cycle...

I just wanted to "record" this grievance the DNSMASQ community.
I'm planning on adding (copy-pasting) the code which sends a NAK in this
I'll be sending a patch for version 2.22 ASAP, I just wanted to know if
anyone has
Seen this behavior before and knows how to work around it, or
alternatively has a
Better suggestion for fixing rfc2131.c

Dan Shechter <dans *at* gonetworks.com>

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