[Dnsmasq-discuss] Re: Make dhclient send the hostname

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Wed Sep 21 21:40:33 BST 2005

Oliver Gerlich wrote:
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> [Hi, the mailing list didn't allow me to post without subscription; as I
> feel, that's "in error" :-) but maybe you can forward this mail to the
> list. Thanks]

Sorry about that, the alternatives are the current settings, 
unmoderated, or moderated. Unmoderated just turns the list into a spam 
amplifier, and moderation makes me wade through spam every day :-(.
> Hello,
> is there a recommended way to make dhclient (ISC's dhcp client) send the
> hostname when requesting a DHCP lease (so that the hostname can be
> resolved with DNS)? Is "send-address" the right option for this, or is
> there a better way?

send host-name "<name>" is the way to do it. The sample dhclient script 
from ISC seems to set this to the value of `hostname`. I have no easy 
way to tell if Ubunutu does the same. If it doesn't it might be worth 
filing a bug.
> I ask because with Ubuntu Hoary as client the hostname is not resolvable
> on the LAN, and I'd like to know the correct way to fix this.



> Thanks,
> Oliver Gerlich
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