[Dnsmasq-discuss] Possible bug setting dhcp-option 17

Michael Welle m.welle at gmx.net
Mon Oct 10 21:00:19 BST 2005


Simon Kelley wrote:
> Michael Welle wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I wanted to net boot some Sparc machines using dnsmasq:
> > 
> > dhcp-option=17,"/export/elena/root"
> > dhcp-boot=/tftpboot/boot.net.netbsd,bootsvr,
> > 
> > But setting the root-path doesn't work if the path is longer than 8
> > characters. The first condition in do_opt() (rfc2131.c) evaluates to
> > true and the operation returns immediately. Is this a configuration
> > error or a bug in dnsmasq?
> That code is checking for overflow, so it looks like you are generating 
> a DHCP packet that's too big. Are you sending lots of options? If
> so, 
no, this is the only option. Plus the default options set by

> and there's some which aren't necessary, a simple workaround would be to 
> trim the number of options so they fit in a minimum-sixed DHCP packet.
> There exist facilities in the protocol to negotiate a larger packet size 
> when both client and server support it: that's not currently implemented 
> in dnsmasq, but it would provide another solution if it were.
You mean option 57 max msg size? Hm, the current packet size seems to
be 328 byte. How is it calculated? 


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