[Dnsmasq-discuss] Possible bug setting dhcp-option 17

Michael Welle m.welle at gmx.net
Mon Oct 10 22:25:40 BST 2005


Simon Kelley wrote:
> Michael Welle wrote:
> >>Are you using BOOTP? If so, then that explains things. Can you use DHCP 
> >>instead? (BYW the option 57 stuff is not specified for BOOTP, so that 
> >>wouldn't help.)
> > 
> > Sorry, I should have mentioned that. I guess my problem is solved now
> > (and I should have a closer look at the relevant rfc). Maybe you can
> > write a warning into the logs in such a case? I find it a little bit 
> > confusing to set an option in the conf file and see it silently
> > disappearing on its way to the client ;). 
> A valid point: I'll add a warning in the next release. (Hey, at least it 
> didn't just overflow the buffer!)
Something like that or calculating the length of strings wrong --and
we all know that string handling is a pita in C-- was my first
guess. But starring at the source doesn't help. So I asked the
expert ;). 

I use dnsmasq at home and at some smaller businesses with up to 30
computers. It works like expected. And it is really easy to


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