[Dnsmasq-discuss] Connection: REFUSED when attempting lookup.

Paul Randle paul_randle at scs4it.com
Sat Oct 15 20:39:50 BST 2005



I'm new to dnsmasq and am in the initial stages of trying to set-up the
following scenario:


RH 9 with 2xNIC, 1st IP 10.x.y.212(eth0), 2nd IP 10.x.y.213(eth1)


BIND is set-up as a cacheing-only NS bound to only (named.conf has
listen-on {;}; in the options section) all recursive look-ups are
made through 10.x.y.213



points to dnsmasq.resolv (containing nameserver, 




bind-interfaces (uncommented).


Lookups performed locally on the machine resolve names fine, when I attempt
the same look-ups from a second machine set with the NS to be 10.x.y.212, I
receive the message 'connection: REFUSED'


Ps shows both named and dnsmasq started (confirmed in /var/log/messages)


Netstat -a shows:


Proto    recv-Q   send-Q  local Address                foreign Address


tcp        0          0          10.x.y.212:domain         *:*

tcp        0          0          localhost:domain            *:*

udp       0          0          10.x.y.212:domain         *:*

udp       0          0          localhost:domain            *:*


Would anyone be able to tell me why in this scenario, when it would appear
that dnsmasq is listening correctly, that the connection would be refused?


Thanks for your patience, any advice gratefully received.






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