[Dnsmasq-discuss] Connection: REFUSED when attempting lookup.

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Sun Oct 16 20:13:14 BST 2005

Paul Randle wrote:

> Thanks for the info Simon,
> I have set-up logging and in sylog.conf put *.debug to a separate file
> however when performing a ping to a name (result: could not find host) or an
> nslookup to a name (result: no response from server) from a separate machine
> I get no entries being added.
> Netstat -ap shows the PID of dnsmasq associated with the 10.x.y.212 (both
> tcp and udp) entries and PID for named associated with localhost entries.
That looks OK.

> So it would appear that dnsmasq is either:
> a). Not responding - I take it that the log would be showing if the query
> were received? And that it would show that it refused the connection?

It would show receipt of the query, something like:

dnsmasq: query[A] <name> from <address>

> Or
> b). Not receiving the query at all.

That looks likely. Do you have a firwall rule block port 53 on remore 



> Thanks,
> Paul.
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