[Dnsmasq-discuss] Configuration question - different subnets for different interfaces

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Wed Nov 9 14:50:51 GMT 2005

Edwin Whitelaw wrote:
> I'm a wireless ISP and use the PCEngines WRAP board for serving 
> customers.  It has two radio interfaces + an ethernet port.  One radio 
> is a backhaul connection and the other is an Access Point for local 
> customer service.  The ethernet port may be connected to another AP.
> Each interface has it's own subnet so I'd like to have dnsmasq issue a 
> different range based on which interface the request comes in on.  I've 
> read the list archives, perused the man page, read all the comments in 
> the .conf file and am still not clear if this can be done or how.

It can certainly be done.
Probably, you didn't find explicit instructions because none are needed.

Just put a dhcp-range statement in the configuration file for each 
subnet, and the correct one will be automagically used: that's all there 
is to it.



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