[Dnsmasq-discuss] Help me please! Multiple IPs on one interface - not working

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Mon Nov 14 20:11:31 GMT 2005

Sorin Panca wrote:
> I already sent a message on this topic with my problem. If anyone have
> had similar problems (and could resolve them) I wait to hear.
> dnsmasq is the perfect tool for what I need here and if i have to
> replace it I would have to use 3 other programs: ISC dhcpd, ISC bind and
> squid.

And you were asked for copies of /etc/hosts, /etc/ethers and 
/etc/dnsmasq.conf which show this behaviour. That information will make 
diagnosing the problem much easier.

> But it doesn't work with multiple IPs on the same interface. In the
> previous post I described my setup. I only need to add a question and
> make a note:
> Q: Is the support for multiple IPs in programs dependant of the low
> level driver for the NIC used? If other programs work well with multiple
> IPs on the same interfaces, does dnsmasq need to work too?

No, it doesn't depend on the driver. It does depend on the presence in 
the kernel of the RTnetlink facility, which is always available in 2.4 
and 2.6 linux kernels, but has to be specifically enabled in 2.2 Linux 
kernels. That means, also, that multiple IP-address support is not 
available under other OS's, for example FreeBSD.
> Note: I have 3 eepro100 in my computer. I have aliases on eth0
> (connected to the Internet) and eth1 (conected to one LAN). I only
> provide DHCP on the aliases of eth1 and on eth2, which has only one IP
> address.



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