[Dnsmasq-discuss] Help me please! Multiple IPs on one interface - not working

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Tue Nov 15 20:54:43 GMT 2005

Sorin Panca wrote:
<Good stuff>

OK, I checked all of that carefully, I can't see any configuration 
problems, and what you are trying to do should work fine.

The behaviour that you are seeing can be explained perfectly if only the 
first address assigned to an interface is be used. This points to the 
netlink code, which is used to find the list of all the addresses on an 
interface. If that fails, it silently drops back to the older API which 
finds only one interface.

It's even possible that the binary you have was compiled without netlink 
support, but that's unlikely unless Gentoo have done very strange things.

This code tested fine here, so it's likely there's something different 
between my system and yours.

How we proceed depends on your abilities with gdb. If you are familiar 
with running code under gdb, I can give you a breakpoint, and you can 
single step through the relevant code and send me the results. If you 
don't know gdb, we can get the same effect, but I'll need to send you a 
specially instrumted version of the code to run.

Let me know.



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