[Dnsmasq-discuss] Serving an alias interface with bootp?

Anssi Saari anssi.saari at modeemi.fi
Wed Nov 16 08:58:40 GMT 2005


I'm running dnsmasq on a Linksys WRT54GS (OpenWRT distribution). It works
fine for serving dhcp addresses for wireless clients, but I'd also like
to serve my old ADSL box with bootp and tftpd, since its flash isn't
working any more. Right now the ADSL box boots from my desktop PC, but if
there's a power outage and the PC isn't on, then the ADSL box won't start.

The WRT54GS is configured so that interface br0:0 is the one where the
bootp requests should come in. That interface has a fixed IP address, and the ADSL box is

I've tried to config this with

but when the ADSL box tries to boot, nothing happens.
listen-address= doesn't work either. However, if I add
interface=br0, then dnsmasq sees the requests, but with this config just
says "no address range available for DHCP request via br0". But, in normal
operation br0 gets a public IP address with DHCP, so I can't very well
serve the ADSL box with that interface.

So, any suggestions? Traditional bootpd just gives an IP address to
a MAC address it knows and doesn't care about interfaces and their IP
addresses. Is there any way I could make dnsmasq behave that way too?

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