[Dnsmasq-discuss] occasional REFUSED response after successful query

Holger Schletz holger.schletz at web.de
Sat Nov 19 12:32:39 GMT 2005


I get occasional REFUSED responses from dnsmasq on a specific network, though 
the query is actually successful. I am able to reproduce the error with 
dnsmasq 2.22 on Debian "Sarge" and 2.23 on Debian "Etch" in this network. 
However, i could not reproduce it with 2.23 on a different network. My Etch 
home box is also OK.

The problem occurs
- with the first query after dnsmasq starts up (this would not be a serious 
problem). Subsequent queries are successful.
- with queries issued by nightly cron jobs (which fail completely in 
consequence - very bad!)

The network uses a dial-on-demand DSL connection, which gets triggered by the 
query from the cronjobs. However, the dialup is perfomed on an external 
router and should be completely transparent to the network (except for a 
short delay). BIND9 never had this problem.
Moreover, in the first case the error can be reproduced even if the DSL link 
is already up.

This is how i tested it:

1. restart dnsmasq
2. run "host <some.domain.name>"
3. host responds: "Host <some.domain.name> not found: 5(REFUSED)"
4. But the query log shows:

Nov 17 11:54:48 zfg15 dnsmasq[8039]: query[A] <some.domain.name> from
Nov 17 11:54:48 zfg15 dnsmasq[8039]: forwarded <some.domain.name> to 
Nov 17 11:54:48 zfg15 dnsmasq[8039]: forwarded <some.domain.name> to 
Nov 17 11:54:48 zfg15 dnsmasq[8039]: reply <some.domain.name>  is 

What's going on here? What is so special about my network? And most important: 
how do I fix it? :-)

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