[Dnsmasq-discuss] Announce: dnsmasq-2.24

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Sat Nov 26 22:02:32 GMT 2005

A new version of dnsmasq is now available from


The changelog reads as follows:

             Updated contrib/openvpn/dnsmasq.patch from Joseph Tate.

             Tweaked DHCP NAK code, a DHCP NAK is now unicast as a
             fallback in cases where a broadcast is futile: namely in
             response to a unicast REQUEST from a non-local network
             which was not sent via a relay.

             Slightly changed the semantics of domain matching in
             --server and --address configs. --server=/domain.com/ still
             matches domain.com and sub.domain.com but does not
             now match newdomain.com The semantics of
             --server=/.domain.com/ are unchanged.
             Thanks to Chris Blaise for the patch.

             Added backwards-compatible internationalisation support.
             The existing make targets, (all, dnsmasq, install) work as
             before. New ones (all-i18n, and install-i18n) add gettext.
             The translations live in po/ There are not too many
             strings, so if anybody can provide translations (and for
             the manpage....) please send them in.

             Tweak behaviour on receipt of REFUSED or SERVFAIL rcodes,
             now the query gets retried on all servers before returning
             the error to the source of the query. Thanks to Javier
             Kohen for the report.

             Added Polish translation - thanks to Tomasz Sochanski.

             Changed default manpage install location from /usr/man
             to /usr/share/man

             Added Spanish translation - thanks to Christopher Chatham.

             Log a warning when a DHCP packet is truncated due to lack
             of space. (Thanks to Michael Welle for the prompt to do

             Added French translation - thanks to Lionel Tricon.

             Added Indonesian translation - thanks to Salman AS.

             Tweaked the netlink code to cope with interface broadcast
             address not set, or set to

             Fixed problem assigning fixed addresses to hosts when more
             than one dhcp-range is available. Thanks to Sorin Panca
             for help chasing this down.

             Added more explict error mesages to the hosts file and
             ethers file reading code. Markus Kaiserswerth suffered to
             make this happen.

             Ensure that a hostname supplied by a DHCP client can never
             override one configured on the server. Previously, any
             host claiming a name would be given it, even if that
             over-rode a dhcp-host declaration, leading to potentially
             confusing situations.

             Added Slackware package-build stuff into contrib/ The i18n
             effort broke the current scripts, and working ones were
             needed for testing, so they ended up here rather than make
             Pat re-invent the wheel.

             Added Romanian translation, thanks to Sorin Panca for



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