[Dnsmasq-discuss] control socket

iler_ml at fastmail.fm iler_ml at fastmail.fm
Sun Nov 27 11:12:41 GMT 2005


I am about to add the 'control-socket' to dnsmasq, in 
order to obtain the cache status. Of course other commands
can be added later, but my primary goal is gettting
the cache status.

Is anything like control socket already in the works ?

My goal is just to get cache status from dnsmasq.
Maybe the simpler solution is to use signal and have
dnsmasq write output to some file ?

If you think control socket is useful, then 
do you have feedback about: 
- default port; 
- which option to use to change the port, 
- whether to use TCP or unix-domain for the socket;
- name for the dnsmasq-ctl utility 
- whether to put dnsmasq-ctl utility inside dnsmasq 
(under some argv option), or as separate executable ?

Yakov Lerner
  iler_ml at fastmail.fm

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