[Dnsmasq-discuss] dnsmasq DHCP freezing WRAP boards

Edwin Whitelaw Edwin.Whitelaw at nrvunwired.net
Sun Nov 27 23:27:41 GMT 2005

I use the WRAP single board computer running Voyage Linux as wireless 
routers for my business.  A system that had been running for over a week 
started locking up approximately once a day after enabling the DHCP 
functionality of dnsmasq.  When the lockups occurred, I was unable to 
gain access through either radio (one in managed mode 5GHz, the other a 
2.4GHz AP) or the ethernet port.  I did not have access to the console 
port so can't comment on what might have been displayed there.  DHCP, 
and everything else would work just fine up until the system froze.  I 
did not have remote logging enabled at the time but had three customers 
so needed to get the problem in hand ASAP.  I disabled the DHCP portion 
of dnsmasq and loaded the ISC DHCP server to replace it.

The evidence is anecdotal but I have not had any problems so far for 
over 60 hours, considerably longer than any previous uptime while using 
dnsmsaq's DHCP.  I am still using the DNS portion of dnsmasq with no 

This post is not really a request for help as I will probably keep the 
current setup but it might help someone else track down a problem.  On 
the other hand, it would be nice to have the dnsmasq DHCP functionality 
as an option going forward.

I'll provide more detailed system info if needed.

riner:~# uname -a
Linux riner 2.6.14-486-voyage #1 PREEMPT Wed Nov 2 18:14:20 GMT 2005 
i586 GNU/Linux


Edwin Whitelaw, P.E.
New River Valley Unwired, LLC
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Christiansburg, VA 24073

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