[Dnsmasq-discuss] Announce: dnsmasq-2.24

Peter Schiefer peter at fli4l.de
Sun Dec 4 11:04:10 GMT 2005

Hello Simon,

Simon Kelley schrieb:

sorry for my late answer ;)

>> it works fine under fli4l 2.1.12svn compiled with the uclibc 0.9.28
> That's good to hear. Did you build the internalisation stuff?
> (make all-i18n). I suspect that won't work unless you link with 
> libgetext (or does uclibc have built-in gettext like glibc? I suspect not.)

no - we do not build with the internalisation stuff.

We use the deliverd config.h add the following lines at end:
#undef HAVE_IPV6

We use the following compile options:
TARGET_CFLAGS=-Os -march=i486 -fomit-frame-pointer

after compile we strip the binary - the size of dnsmasq is 66.600 Bytes

Why we do so - our distri can only use one floppy with a size of 1,4MB
on this floppy we have all needed to build a router with an 
control-interface and a iptables based filter.

See http://dev.fli4l.net/english/download.html for more information.

Greeting from Germany


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