[Dnsmasq-discuss] dnsmasq returning own IP when it can't resolve

Holger Schletz holger.schletz at web.de
Fri Dec 16 08:27:36 GMT 2005


Are your browsers connecting via a local proxy? Then it may be the proxy which 
tries to resolve the name, not the browser.
On my network, the proxy sends an error page 5xx to the browser when it fails 
to resolve the name, but I think it may also get configured to redirect to 
another site instead.


Am Mittwoch 07 Dezember 2005 14:00 schrieb Andrew Gaffney:
> Simon Kelley wrote:
> > Andrew Gaffney wrote:
> >> Is it the normal behavior for dnsmasq to return the IP of the box that
> >> it's running on when it can't resolve a domain name? I'm seeing this
> >> behavior in a pretty much default dnsmasq setup. Is there a way to
> >> turn this off?
> >
> > It's not normal behaviour at all, it will return a NXDOMAIN or NODATA
> > reply under those circumstances. Are you sure that you are not being
> > confused by the output of the nslookup command, which prints the address
> > of the server it used first?
> >
> >
> > desk:~# nslookup noname.nodomain
> > Server:
> > Address:
> >
> > ** server can't find noname.nodomain: NXDOMAIN
> I'm not quite sure what's happening. When I use nslookup or dig, I get a
> proper response. When I type in a non-existant domain name in Firefox
> (Linux and Windows) or IE, I end up redirected to the domain that is being
> hosted on the same server that dnsmasq is running on.
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