[Dnsmasq-discuss] Local DHCP client resolves to wrong IP address

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Mon Dec 19 11:58:38 GMT 2005

Loye Young wrote:
> Buenas dias a ustedes. Howdy y'all.  Company HQ is in Arkansas.
> Authoritative DNS server is   Location in Laredo Texas
> is connected via Frame Relay to subnet Local server
> LAREDO5 has static IP of Debian running dnsmasq, 
> samba, and resolvconf, among others.  DHCP is authoritative for
> subnet. DNS is non-authoritative resolver cacher server for subnet,
> looking to for upstream DNS server. WINS and NTP servers
> also on the same box. dnsmasq assigns LAREDO5 as DNS, WINS, and NTP
> server. Gateway (a Cisco voice-over-frame-relay enabled router) is
> Dynamic range is -.150 to -.250.  DHCP client is
> LAREDO8. dnsmasq assigns IP address No other machine
> in domain has conflicting IP address or machine name. PING 
> is unremarkable.  Here's the rub: PING LAREDO8 from
> any client in the subnet resolves to and returns
> "Destination Host Unreachable".  (I don't know what the results are
> from other subnets in the domain.)  PING to all other clients yields
> normally expected results.  Licenses file looks normal for all
> clients, except that the hostname for shows asterisks.
> Neither LAREDO8 nor show up in the list.  Noob that I
> am, I am confident that I have made a mistake in configuration, but 
> I've scoured carefully all documentation I can find and come up
> empty.  Happy trails for now,  Loye Young

First thing to do, is turn on DNS query logging in dnsmasq, that will 
tell you the source of the spurious addfress for LAREDO8. The simplest 
explanation for what you are seeing is that LARED8 and 
exist in /etc/hosts on the machine running dnsmasq, but checking the log 
will tell you for sure.



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