[Dnsmasq-discuss] bootp "address in use"

Henk van der Meer hvdmeer at targetteam.nl
Thu Dec 22 10:17:18 GMT 2005



I am trying to get a Hauppauge Mediamvp running with something called mvpmc.

The Mediamvp is a media player running Linux.

What is actually does is boot a  Linux image from the network. Then it loads
a config file that acts a a boot script.


I use dnsmasq to as my dhcp server.

(OpenWrt, dnsmasq 2.22)


What happens is this:

1 I have given the Mediamvp a fixed address in  dnsmasq.conf

2 The Mediamvp boots and does a DHCPDiscover

3 dnsmasq does a DHCPOffer

4 The Mediamvp loads its first file with tftp

5 Next is does a bootp 


When the computer running dnsmasq just rebooted or when I throw away the
dhcp.leases file everything goes OK.

But the next boots of the Mediamvp fail because dnsmasq sees the IP address
is in use and signals an error:

BOOTP(br0) 00:0d:fe:00:75:c5 address in use.


Yes, it is in use. But by the mac address using it.


Does any body have a suggestion?


Thank you,


Henk van der Meer




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