[Dnsmasq-discuss] wpad and DNS ...

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Wed Jan 11 10:07:18 GMT 2006

C.Lee Taylor wrote:

>> Note that I think your reference is wrong: The service and protocol 
>> fields ought to have leading underscores This comes from RFC 2782. In 
>> that case you need
>> srv-host=_wpad._tcp.host.co.nz,wpad.host.co.nz,80
>     Agreed, but in 
> http://www.web-cache.com/Writings/Internet-Drafts/draft-ietf-wrec-wpad-01.txt 
>     On page 10, I think it is, 4.4.4, DNS SRV, they explain that the 
> client should issue a DNS lookup with QNAME=wpad.tcp.TGTDOM., QCLASS=IN, 

I have no practical experience of this stuff, the only clues I can see 
is that the wpad draft references RFC 2052, but RFC 2782 (which mandates 
underscores) came out after that draft expired, and explicitly obsoletes 
RFC 2052.

>     I know I found a newer version of the document, but can't now, so I 
> will put both SRV records in, again, I don't think it could hurt ...


>     Maybe, this could be put into the examples, so that this question 
> does not come up again, not that I really have seen any questions on the 
> net about WPAD (Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Protocol), and I'm just messing 
> around with this in our office so that I better understand this.

Thanks to the magic of a publically-archived mailing list, our 
collective wisdom is already on its way into Google....

>     Thanks for, dnsmasq and all the support.
>     Now if I could just get dnsmasq to log to file, I could track down 
> the dns queries just to make sure they are been made. ;-)

"man syslog.conf" is your friend: dnsmasq logs queries as facility 
daemon, level debug.



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