[Dnsmasq-discuss] CNAME lookup going to wrong server

Marcus Better marcus at better.se
Sun Jan 15 12:12:11 GMT 2006


I have configured dnsmasq with a "server" directive to forward queries
for better.se to an internal name server. Now if I have

  www.better.se   CNAME   www.example.org

and a client queries dnsmasq for www.better.se, then it looks to me like
dnsmasq first asks the internal name server for www.better.se, and then
asks it again for www.example.org.

The problem is that www.example.org is not in the better.se domain, and
the internal name server for better.se will not answer recursive queries
for example.org.

If dnsmasq were to follow the "server" directive, the queries for
example.org would be sent to the default recursive name servers, and not
to my internal server.

Is this intended behaviour or a bug?



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