[Dnsmasq-discuss] Dnsmasq as master to bind as slave

Richard Bailey rmjb at mail.com
Thu Jan 19 13:18:02 GMT 2006

Hello this is just for experimenting purposes, I have dnsmasq running in
IPCop and working well. I was trying to set up bind9 as a slave for my local
lan domain with the dnsmasq as the master but I get the following error:

named[29460]: zone home.lan/IN/New: refresh: unexpected rcode (REFUSED) from
master (source
named[29460]: zone home.lan/IN/New: Transfer started.
named[29460]: transfer of 'home.lan/IN' from connected using
named[29460]: transfer of 'home.lan/IN' from failed while
receiving responses: REFUSED
named[29460]: transfer of 'home.lan/IN' from end of transfer

Is it that dnsmasq cannot act as a master for my local lan zone or I've
configured something wrong?

- Regards,
Richard Bailey

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