[Dnsmasq-discuss] CNAME

Merlin m0086417 at justus.chi.il.us
Wed Jan 25 01:17:55 GMT 2006

Can dnsmasq serve up locally defined CNAME records?

As an example, for a query of "ntp", I'd like to have dnsmasq return a CNAME record that points to an external NTP server by *name*--rather than defining "ntp" to return an A record by hard coding it with an IP address in /etc/hosts or an 'address' config line. This would be especially useful if the CNAME refers to a pool of addresses (such as pool.ntp.org).

I've dug through the dnsmasq documentation and source and I can't find this. Which actually surprises me because dnsmasq already supports almost every other DNS record type and feature one can imagine!



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