[Dnsmasq-discuss] Upstream CNAME records

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Wed Jan 25 22:47:54 GMT 2006

Andreas Pelme wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 25, 2006 at 08:52:10PM +0000, Simon Kelley wrote:
>>Andreas Pelme wrote:
>>>I am using Dnsmasq for my LAN, but I am having problems with some
>>>I have records in /etc/hosts on my router, for example:
>>>             svn.pelme.se            svn
>>>On the LAN, svn.pelme.se should resolv to, but outside, on
>>>the internet, svn.pelme.se is a CNAME for pelme.se.
>>>When I look up svn.pelme.se from a machine on the LAN i get this:
>>>andreas at solros:~$ host svn.pelme.se 
>>>svn.pelme.se has address
>>>svn.pelme.se is an alias for pelme.se.
>>>svn.pelme.se is an alias for pelme.se.
>>>pelme.se mail is handled by 30 mx3.pelme.se.
>>>pelme.se mail is handled by 10 mx1.pelme.se.
>>>pelme.se mail is handled by 20 mx2.pelme.se.
>>>That is not really what i want because the pelme.se /etc/hosts entry
>>>looks like this:
>>>             www.pelme.se            pelme.se
>>>Then it looks up pelme.se and finds out this is, so the
>>>result is "" and/or "". This is not what I want.
>>>I saw this in dnsmasq(8):
>>>Addresses  in  /etc/hosts  will  "shadow" different addresses for
>>>the same names in the upstream DNS, so "mycompany.com" in
>>>/etc/hosts will ennsure that queries for "mycompany.com" always return
>>> even if queries in the upstream DNS would otherwise return
>>>a different address. There is  one  exception  to  this:  if the
>>>upstream DNS contains a CNAME which points to a shadowed name, then
>>>looking up the CNAME through dnsmasq will result in the unshadowed
>>>address associated with the target of the CNAME. To work around this,
>>>add the CNAME to /etc/hosts so  that the  CNAME  is shadowed too.
>>>Is it possible to *not* forward requests upstream at all when a host is
>>>found in /etc/hosts, and *not* reply with the upstream CNAME record? It
>>>would help me a lot. The records should point to the same address
>>>outside the LAN, but not on the inside.
>>>I guess this is not a bug because it is documented in the man-page.
>>>If this really is the way things should work, is it hard to modify
>>>Dnsmasq to not ask upstream servers if a record is found in hosts?
>>Please could you repeat the test above using "dig" instead of "host"?
>>You host command seems to behave differently to the one on my system,
>>and it's not clear exactly what the query is returning. Also, what
>>version of dnsmasq are you running?
> Now when I look up with dig things seems to be different. I have a
> couple of different boxes, several Windows XP machines, one laptop
> running Ubuntu 5.10 and one server running Debian 3.1, behind the
> gateway, running Debian 3.1.
> Actually, I have never had problems from the XP boxes, but I had
> troubles from the Ubuntu box. When I opened Firefox and entered e.g.
> http://svn.pelme.se it is clear that it *sometimes* resolved to
> (www.pelme.se/pelme.se) via the CNAME, and not as intended.
> I replaced host-bind9 with host from dnsutils, I am not sure about the
> difference, maybe the bind9 version is wierd. When using it and dig
> everything seems to work just fine. Right now I am not sure about what
> is going on, but it seems to work. I do not think this is an error or bug in
> Dnsmasq, probably just some stupid configuration over here on my laptop.
> I dont see how replacing the host -program could change the behaviour of
> Firefox's DNS lookups, and I am pretty sure it does not.
> Well, everything seems to be working now, I guess that something was just
> wierd at the Ubuntu laptop that caused this.
> BTW: I am running Dnsmasq from Debian stable, which is version 2.22.
> Thanks for your help and your excellent work on Dnsmasq!
> Cheers,

It's possible that something is doing queries for other classes of 
records. Querying for the A record associated with svn.pelme.se will 
always return the data from /etc/hosts, but a query for an MX record and 
ANY would get passed to the upstream nameserver and see the CNAME. I 
suspect that's what is happening with the host command.

You can make sure that dnsmasq never forwards any query for svn.pelme.se 
by adding this line to /etc/dnsmasq.conf




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