[Dnsmasq-discuss] ssh reverse look up when isp goes down

Matt Hull mhull1 at uic.edu
Wed Feb 1 15:35:56 GMT 2006

* gentoo box as rotuer with dnsmasq and iptables.

* gentoo desktop

about 2 weeks ago the isp went down.  (does once in a while for upgrades)
i tried to ssh from my desktop to the router and ssh took forever.  i was
guessing that it was a time out of something.  but didnt think it would
since i ssh tp an ip; ssh from host_name_mattspc (mattspc is
in the name in the lease file)  after asking around to why that would time
out, i was told that it was ssh doing a reverse look up and that i can
turn that off.  i dont think i need to turn it off.   but why would
dnsmasq take that long when the isp is down?  dnsmasq is a cache and
should know the ip?  dnsmasq gave out that lease, i would expect it to
know that ip.  and doenst it always know the ips on its subnet ?



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