[Dnsmasq-discuss] no entries in dnsmasq.leases

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Sun Feb 5 18:29:42 GMT 2006

Jens Holze wrote:

> That was it... My graphical statbar showed 90-95% disk usage but when
> leaving the GUI and asking the command line df told me otherwise. I'm
> terribly sorry for this disturbance.
> What do we learn from this: Don't believe everything GUIs tell you...

I did some experiments, and it seem that once dnsmasq has dropped root 
privileges, it no longer has access to the last 5% of the disk which is 
reserved for root, even though the file was opened when dnsmasq was 
running as root. That explains what you saw, I don't know if it counts 
as a kernel bug or not......

I've added some code to the development version of dnsmasq which logs 
any errors whilst writing the file, and retries after a minute if it 
fails. That should make the situation less confusing, and allow 
automatic recovery if more space becomes available.



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