[Dnsmasq-discuss] dnsmasq responses.

Henri dnsmasq at vanriel.xs4all.nl
Thu Feb 16 19:53:31 GMT 2006

Hello all,

I'm new to the list, mainly because I have a question about dnsmasq
for which I could not find an answer on the net, nor in this list's

My mailserver runs dnsmasq as a forwarding DNS server. My MTA is XMail
(www.xmailserver.com) which supports spam filtering by querying
several blacklists available on the internet (spamcop, sorbs, etc).

These lists return an ip address, usually between and means the ip address is not blacklisted, all
others mean it is blacklisted. My problem is that dnsmasq does not
seem to return to my mailserver. Here's a part of my syslog:

query 1:
query[type=1910] from
forwarded to

query 2:
query[A] from
forwarded to
reply is

The first query never comes back with a reply. The ip (
is not blacklisten on dnsbl.sorbs.net so it should have returned 

The second query does return an ip address because this one is

Does anybody know what the problem is here? My smtp threads wait for
about 90 seconds for a reply from my dns server. During a wave of spam
(I receive about 30,000 a day) all my smtp threads are waiting...
blocking other mail servers from connecting to deliver mail.

Any advice is more than welcome!


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