[Dnsmasq-discuss] dhcp requests not answered

John Zbesko johnzbesko at alum.mit.edu
Thu Mar 2 02:43:57 GMT 2006

Recently, my ISP (Comcast cable) announced they were switching to
dynamic DNS. So, I presume I could use dnsmasq on my Sun Ultra 1,
running Debian, to serve DHCP requests and provide the DNS server
address to my home network of Linux and Windows XP machines. I also use
two Netgear gigabit switches to connect the Ultra in the basement with
the PC's on the 1st and 2nd floors (and a wireless router for laptops
with a static IP of

My DHCP server works fine. However, dnsmasq does not offer addresses, no
matter what options I try in dnsmasq.conf.

I believe the operative lines in dnsmasq.conf are:

listen-address=, #Ultra 1 server static IP facing
home network


#These are the various x86 PC's in my household.

dhcp-option=19,0           # option ip-forwarding off
dhcp-option=44,     # set netbios-over-TCP/IP nameserver(s) aka
WINS server(s)
dhcp-option=45,     # netbios datagram distribution server
dhcp-option=46,8           # netbios node type
dhcp-option=47             # empty netbios scope.


My syslog shows this when dnsmasq is started, but no sign of requests
from any other PC's on my network:

Mar  2 02:03:11 localhost dnsmasq[6065]: started, version 2.22 cachesize
Mar  2 02:03:11 localhost dnsmasq[6065]: DHCP, IP range --, lease time infinite
Mar  2 02:03:11 localhost dnsmasq[6065]: read /etc/hosts - 14 addresses
Mar  2 02:03:11 localhost dnsmasq[6065]: reading /etc/resolv.conf
Mar  2 02:03:11 localhost dnsmasq[6065]: using nameserver
Mar  2 02:03:11 localhost dnsmasq[6065]: using nameserver
Mar  2 02:06:08 localhost dnsmasq[6065]: exiting on receipt of SIGTERM

Where does "log-queries" send its output to? The "exiting" results from
me stopping dnsmasq so I can restart the dhcp server-and send this
email. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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