[Dnsmasq-discuss] questions about -y, --localise-queries

Curby curby.public at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 12:17:20 GMT 2006

Would it be possible to localise-queries based on the source IP
instead of the local interface?  I'm trying to keep my
firewall/gateway as clean as possible by reducing the services it
hosts, but that means hosting dns on one of the internal networks.  My
network has a 3-homed gateway that talks to two internal networks
( and  Dnsmasq runs on .1.10, and
sometimes receives requests for the gateway, so I set up my /etc/hosts
to have:   gate   gate

Unfortunately, localise-queries doesn't help me because dnsmasq only
has an interface on the .1 subnet.  Is there a work-around so that
everyone gets only the appropriate IP for their subnet from one
dnsmasq server?

Is there a reason why dnsmasq looks at the IP of the local interface
instead of the source IP?  If a best match for a source IP could be
guessed from listings in /etc/hosts, it seems that it would make it
more flexible.



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