[Dnsmasq-discuss] Using different bootp files for one host

Khanh-Dang khanh-dang at wanadoo.fr
Wed Mar 22 21:15:18 GMT 2006


I have a workstation that needs to make two BOOTP requests when booting.

The first BOOTP request asks for a file "/path/file1". It really asks
for this file, i.e. the file path and name are given in the BOOTP
request as the boot_file_name parameter.

Here is the line I already have in my "/etc/dnsmasq.conf":

With this line, dnsmasq is acting as the BOOTP client expects, and this
latter starts downloading /path/file1 from the TFTP server.

For some reasons, the workstation needs to reboot and then asks for
another file, i.e. it sends a BOOTP request in which the boot_file_name
parameter is set to "/path/file2".

Then, dnsmasq expectedly sends a BOOTP reply which says to the BOOTP
client to download "/path/file1", as it is specified by the
configuration file.

The problem is that I need dnsmasq to reply with the boot_file_name
field set to what the BOOTP client asks for, i.e. "/path/file2" for the
second request.

I don't really know if this behaviour is RFC-compliant. However, is it
possible to configure dnsmasq to act like that (for example by binding
the boot_file_name request to a net:network-id)?
Or perhaps there is a one-line patch that can solve my issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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