[Dnsmasq-discuss] Announce: dnsmasq-2.34.

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Mon Oct 16 20:21:50 BST 2006

2.34 is out: changelog below.


             Tweak network-determination code for another corner case:
             in this case a host forced to move between dhcp-ranges on
             the same physical interface. Thanks to Matthias Andree.

             Improve handling of high DNS loads by throttling 
acceptance 	            of new queries when resources are tight. This 
should be a
             better response than the "forwarding table full..."
             message which was logged before.

             Fixed intermittent infinite loop when re-reading
             /etc/ethers after SIGHUP. Thanks to Eldon Ziegler for the
             bug report.

             Provide extra information to the lease-change script: when
             a lease loses its hostname (because a new lease comes
             along and claims the same new), the "old" action is called
             with the current state of the lease, ie no name. The
             change is to provide the former name which the lease had
             in the environment variable DNSMASQ_OLD_HOSTNAME. This
             helps scripts which do stuff based on hostname, rather
             than IP address. Also provide vendor-class and user-class
             information to the lease-change script when a new lease is
             created in the DNSMASQ_VENDOR_CLASS and
             DNSMASQ_USER_CLASS<n> environment variables. Suggestion
             from Francois-Xavier Le Bail.

             Run the lease change script as root, even when dnsmasq is
             configured to change UID to an unprivileged user. Since
             most uses of the lease change script need root, this
             allows its use whilst keeping the security advantages of
             running the daemon without privs. The script is invoked
             via a small helper process which keeps root UID, and
             validates all data received from the main process. To get
             root, an attacker would have to break dnsmasq and then
             break the helper through the restricted comms channel
             linking the two.

             Add contrib/port-forward/* which is a script to set up
             port-forwards using the DHCP lease-change script. It's
             possible to add a host to a config file by name, and when
             that host gets a DHCP lease, the script will use iptables
             to set up port-forwards to configured ports at the address
             which the host is allocated. The script also handles
             setting up the port-forward iptables entries after reboot,
             using the persistent lease database, and removing them
             when a host leaves and its DHCP lease expires.

             Fix unaligned access problem which caused wrong log
             messages with some clients on some architectures. Thanks
             to Francois-Xavier Le Bail for the bugreport.

             Fixed problem with DHCPRELEASE and multi-address
             interfaces. Enhanced contrib/wrt/dhcp_release to cope
             under these circumstances too. Thanks to Eldon Ziegler for
             input on this.

             Updated French translation: thanks to Gildas Le Nadan.

             Upgraded the name hash function in the DNS cache. Thanks
             to Oleg Khovayko for good work on this.

             Added --clear-on-reload flag.  Suggestion from Johannes

             Treat a nameserver address of as "nothing". Erwin
             Cabrera spotted that specifying a nameserver as
             breaks things badly; this is because the network stack
             treats is as "this host" and an endless loop ensues.

             Added Webmin module in contrib/webmin. Thanks to Neil
             Fisher for that.

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