[Dnsmasq-discuss] v2.34 on Openbsd 4.0 not responding to DHCP (DNS works).

Jeb Campbell jebc at c4solutions.net
Thu Oct 19 04:48:44 BST 2006

This is on openbsd 4.0 (not "officially" out yet), so that could be  
the problem.

I am compiling w/ gcc option -Os, but I think I also tried w/ no  

This is exactly the problem I had before (2.32 I think), where DNS  
works great, but DHCP does not respond.

I tested on the command line w/ dnsmasq -d, and it prints nothing  
when I know requests are coming in (tcpdump).

Anyway, I can firm up what versions of Openbsd, dnsmasq, and options  
work, but I thought I would through this out there and see if anyone  
knows anything.


Jeb Campbell
jebc at c4solutions.net

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