[Dnsmasq-discuss] Any plans on adding ability to store cachetodisk?

gypsy gypsy at iswest.com
Sun Dec 3 06:55:34 GMT 2006

"Eric S. Johansson" wrote:
> gypsy wrote:
> > Simon Kelley wrote:
> >> Mathew Brown wrote:
> >>> Hi,
> >>>   I'm a new user to DNSMasq and so far, I'm really impressed.  The only
> >>>   feature that I haven't been able to find is the the ability to store
> >>>   the cache in a file and use it when the system reboots.  Any plans on
> >>>   adding this to DNSMasq?  Thanks for your help.
> >> Use the FAQ, Luke!
> >>
> >> (Short answer: no.)
> >>
> >> Cheers,
> >>
> >> Simon.
> >
> > True, and that _really_ BLOWS CHUNKS.  Someone should add this to
> > DNSMasq!  It is idiotic that such a basic feature is missing.
> you have the code and the itch.  so scratch your itch and I'm looking
> forward to trying your solution.
> --- eric

Long ago, my workaround was posted to this list.  You can still download
a script from ftp://yesican.chsoft.biz/pub/DNSmasqRebuildCache.sh 
You'll see djbDNS programs, which admittedly slant my perspective <g>. 
One of our servers runs djbDNS just to serve DNSMasq, supplementing a
handful of other DNS servers in the area - including one from our ISP. 
DNSMasq sends about 10% of its forwards to our djbDNS server.

If Simon is offended, then so be it, but I mean no offense.  I just fail
to see how a save to/restore from disk could bloat the code;
save/restore IS a basic feature.  TTL will expire out any crap

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