[Dnsmasq-discuss] Any plans on adding ability to store cachetodisk?

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Sun Dec 3 10:40:21 GMT 2006

gypsy wrote:

> If Simon is offended, then so be it, but I mean no offense.  I just fail
> to see how a save to/restore from disk could bloat the code;
> save/restore IS a basic feature.  TTL will expire out any crap
> naturally.
> --
> gypsy

I'm not at all offended. In my role as dnsmasq-benevolent-dictator I get 
to have opinions about what's good to do in dnsmasq and what's not. I 
also get to hear arguments about what's good to do in dnsmasq and what's 
not, and sometimes I even change my mind (I did about the DHCP 
lease-change script, for instance, and forcing an address change when an 
already-configured host gets a static DHCP address).

I guess if a I make too many bad calls, there's nothing to stop a fork: 
that's the Free Software way.

I just happen not to have changed my mind about this. I'm still happy to 
hear arguments about it.



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