[Dnsmasq-discuss] Multiple server interaction with multiple subnets

Jeb Campbell jebc at c4solutions.net
Thu Dec 7 16:24:25 GMT 2006

Data Control Systems - Mike Elkevizth wrote:
> Sorry, this doesn't really help because the dns queries are done without a
> domain extension. Some of the workstations are notebooks that can move
> around from subnet to subnet. I would like it to be that the user doesn't
> have to know a separate domain name for each location if possible. I have
> thought about doing it this way, but it would make it more difficult for the
> users, which I would like to try and avoid. If this is my only option
> though, I will have to live with it. Let me know if you have any other
> ideas.

Yeah, that is a tough one.

Hmm, could you do multiple "search subnetX.mydomain.org" lines?

I've never had a need to do this on unix, but it appears Windows can
(though I don't know if these can be set by dhcp server and/or hardcoded
on windows w/ a dhcp address).  Might be something to look into.  Also
would have to crank down the DNS TTL ...

Let us know if you find a solution.


Jeb Campbell
jebc at c4solutions.net

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