[Dnsmasq-discuss] dnsmasq-2.39 release candidate for testing.

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Mon Apr 2 09:46:54 BST 2007

xerces8 wrote:
> Where is the changelog ?

Good point.

There's a CHANGELOG file in the tarball. For convenience, I've appended
the 2.38->2.39rc1 changes here.



            Apply patch from Mike Baker/OpenWRT to ensure that names
            like "localhost." in /etc/hosts with trailing period
            are treated as fully-qualified.

            Tolerate and ignore spaces around commas in the
            configuration file in all circumstances. Note that this
            may change the meaning of a few existing config files, for
            txt-record=mydomain.com, string
            would have a leading space in the string before, and now
            will not. To get the old behaviour back, use quotes:
            txt-record=mydomain.com," string"

            /a is no longer a valid escape in quoted strings.

            Added symbolic DHCP option names. Instead of
            dhcp-option = 3,
            it is now possible to do
            dhcp-option = option:router,
            To see the list of known DHCP options, use the
            command "dnsmasq --help dhcp"
            Thanks to Luigi Rizzo for a patch and good work on this.

            Overhauled the log code so that logging is asynchronous;
            dnsmasq no longer blocks waiting for the syslog() library
            call. This is important on systems where syslog
            is being used to log over the network (and therefore doing
            DNS lookups) and syslog is using dnsmasq as its DNS
            server. Having dnsmasq block awaiting syslog under
            such circumstances can lead to syslog and dnsmasq
            deadlocking. Paul Chambers found and diagnosed
            this trap for the unwary. He also did much testing of
            the solution.

            Added --log-max flag to tune log-queue length.

            --log-facility can now take a file-name instead of a
            facility name. When this is done, dnsmasq logs to the
            file and not via syslog. (Failures early in startup,
            whilst reading configuration, will still go to syslog,
            and syslog is used as a log-of-last-resort if the file
            cannot be written.)

            Added --log-dhcp flag. Suggestion from Carlos Carvalho.

            Made BINDIR, MANDIR and LOCALEDIR independently
            over-rideable in the makefile. Suggestion from Thomas

            Added and to the address
            ranges affected by --bogus-priv. Thanks to  Paul
            Chambers for the patch.

            Fixed failure of TFTP server with --listen-address. Thanks
            to William Dinkel for the bug report.

            Added --dhcp-circuitid and --dhcp-remoteid for RFC3046
            relay agent data matching.

            Added --dhcp-subscrid for RFC3993 subscriber-id relay
            agent data matching.

            Correctly garbage-collect connections when upstream
            servers go away as a result of DBus transactions.

            Allow absolute paths for TFTP transfers even when
            --tftp-root is set, as long as the path matches the root,
            so /var/ftp/myfile is OK which tftp-root=/var/ftp.
            Thanks for Thomas Mizzi for the patch.

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