[Dnsmasq-discuss] RFE: Let DNS entries live on after the DHCP lease runs out

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Mon Apr 16 19:25:40 BST 2007

Stefan Monnier wrote:
> Sometimes my main machine (called "pastel") somehow fails to renew its DHCP
> lease on time.  Part of the reason for it is that it's hibernating, other
> part is that it seems to fail to request a new lease upon wake up.
> As long as nobody else is using that machine's IP, it would be good for
> dnsmasq to still keep a DNS entry for that machine, so I can still know that
> pastel's IP is even when the machine is hibernating or hasn't
> refreshed its lease yet.

A DHCP client will renew a DHCP after half of its time has expired, so 
if you know the maximum time that your machine will be asleep for, set 
its DHCP lease-time to twice that. You can set DHCP lease times for 
individual machines using --dhcp-host

If you can't give an upper-bound, you can set the leasetime to be 
infinite, for that one machine. I do this for an access point I have 
which forgets to do a renewal.

Does that solve the problem?



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