[Dnsmasq-discuss] Multicast dns

Tom Fanning tf-ml at edgebyte.com
Mon Apr 23 12:07:49 BST 2007


> What behaviour is needed? If the problem can be solved by having the
> DNS server return "No such domain" for anything that ends in .local, 
> then such behaviour is already available: adding
> local=/local/
> to /etc/dnsmasq.conf will do it.
> Other special-case behaviour for a domain is easy to implement, but
> only if we know what is needed.

Hi Simon

No. I wanted to go the other way with this.

I was actually hoping dnsmasq could be extended to reply properly to these
multicast DNS lookups that Ubuntu seems to be making - dnsmasq here appears
to ignore them and the query just times out. (It may be that I've just not
configured something right but I couldn't spot anything obvious)

My thinking here is now that Ubuntu is making such inroads into desktop
Linux use that it would be nice to support its out-of-the-box behaviour.
(Yes I'm aware that Ubuntu (arguably) shouldn't make the assumption that
.local names should be looked up through multicast DNS, but I think it's
more likely that this will get fixed here than in Ubuntu.)

The packet trace I linked to is complete and shows a series of three

This site has lots of details on multicast DNS

Kind regards


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