[Dnsmasq-discuss] Re: dnsmasq & dynamic DHCP updates?

Michael DeHaan mdehaan at redhat.com
Fri May 25 15:56:42 BST 2007

Simon Kelley wrote:
> Cool. Are you using the TFTP server in dnsmasq? I'm interested in
> reports on how well it scales.
My "lab" setup is pretty small, but maybe someone using it will try it...

>>> Thanks,
>>> Michael DeHaan
>> Just read
>> http://lists.thekelleys.org.uk/pipermail/dnsmasq-discuss/2006q3/000892.html
>> -- that appears to do what I want.
>> If that can also be added to the dbus interface that would be
>> interesting :)
> That's bubbling up the list nicely, but I'm still undecided on the need
>  to make configuration added via DBus persistent. At the moment,
> anything set using DBus evaporates if dnsmasq is restarted, with just a
> signal on the DBus as a hint to re-install it. It might make more sense
> to save the information in a file so that dnsmasq restart is transparent.
Yes, that would be very useful...  Doing everything from the DBUS api 
and just have that serialized would be quite slick.

Currently what I decided to do was to write to /etc/ethers (setting: 
read-ethers) and /var/lib/cobbler/cobbler_hosts, configuring
dnsmasq to use /var/lib/cobbler/cobbler_hosts as a supplemental host 
file (setting: addn-hosts).  

So the only thing I apparently need to add to /etc/dnsmasq.conf 
programmatically is the handling to set the bootloader for non 
"pxelinux.0" arches.  For this I'm using 
dhcp-host=net:archname,$macaddress and dhcp-boot=net:archname,$filename.   

I haven't gotten around to testing IA64 yet, though this seems to be the 
right way to go about it. 
Tag the particular non-pxelinux MACs for usage with a different 
bootloader.  (BTW, the tagging idea is great).

Further question -- As I couldn't be quite sure from the docs, is 
/etc/dnsmasq.conf reloaded on SIGHUP, or is there an option for this?   
Can it be polled?

Also ... is /etc/ethers and the additional host file polled by dnsmasq?  
It sounds like the SIGHUP isn't required for additions to those
two files.  I did read where /etc/resolv.conf was polled, though I'm not 
making any changes there.

Thanks again,


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