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Rajeshwar rajeshwar at primesoftsolutionsinc.com
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Thanks for the reply. I am new for this configuration so please help me.

# Uncomment this to enable the integrated DHCP server, you need
# to supply the range of addresses available for lease and optionally
# a lease time. If you have more than one network, you will need to
# repeat this for each network on which you want to supply DHCP
# service.

# This is an example of a DHCP range where the netmask is given. This
# is needed for networks we reach the dnsmasq DHCP server via a relay
# agent. If you don't know what a DHCP relay agent is, you probably
# don't need to worry about this.

dhcp-range=,,,12h (which I am using
for DHCP now)

# This is an example of a DHCP range with a network-id, so that
# some DHCP options may be set only for this network.

There are few queries:
If I mention the static in configuration file:
1) Will client be in DHCP or manually assigned?
2) When I connect a new PC, will it takes IP address automatically or is
   there any Authentication?  
3) how come we know that this IP address is assigned to this particular 

My requirement is when I new PC get connected, it should not get the IP
address unless I specify in conf. file. 

I will be online in skype if you can also come there it is useful for us
My id is rajeshwarrao.ammu 

Waiting for your favorable reply


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Rajeshwar wrote:
> Hi,
> I installed a dnsmasq.conf file successfully. And the DHCP is working 
> fine. My requirement is I want to do MAC based authentication.
> When I tried to give the MAC address = IP Address. Its not taking
> * *
> *Example:*
> * *
> I have 10 computer and 5 laptops in my organization. If somebody will 
> bring the laptop and plug the network cable he will get the IP where he 
> can see all the data. Which Is wrong. The moment he will plug the cable 
> he should not get the IP because the mac address is not in the file.
> So please tell me where and how to configure.

You need to configure the DHCP range for static address allocation only. 
Something like


See the man page entry for dhcp-range for more details.



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