[Dnsmasq-discuss] Restricting dhcp-range to certain MAC prefixes?

Dermot Bradley dermot.bradley at sla-mobile.com
Thu Jun 14 14:46:22 BST 2007

Hi folks


I've been using DNSMASQ happily for some time as both a caching DNS
server and as a DHCP server.


I currently have a dhcp-range defined as "static" so that DNSMASQ will
only allocate IP addresses to devices who have a MAC address to IP
address mapping defined in /etc/ethers.


I'm now trying to selectively provide DHCP responses to "unknown"
devices that have vendor-specific MAC prefixes (SIP handsets in this


Here's my current dnsmasq.conf setup:








Now if I change the dhcp-range line to be




then dnsmasq will provide DHCP allocations to "unknown" Aastra devices
as well as any existing entries in /etc/ethers.


However I want to do this sort of thing for *multiple* vendors.


Is there any way to achieve this with the current version of DNSMASQ? If
not, is it likely to be a simple code change to achieve this?


Secondly, I notice that DNSMASQ recently added TFTPD functionality. I've
been using TFTPD-HPA so far but was considering using DNSMASQ for this
in future. However I now need some specific functionality that neither
DNSMASQ or TFTPD-HPA provide and so I've switched to WVTFTPD. This
functionality allows the tftpd server to map tftp filename requests to
differing actual filenames based on the requestor's IP address.


Perhaps there would be some interest in adding this functionality to


Thanks in advance for any help...


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