[Dnsmasq-discuss] segfaults in 2.39 after a while

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Sun Jun 17 09:17:06 BST 2007

Joe Landman wrote:
> Problem of my own making.
> Joe Landman wrote:
>>I am having an issue where 2.39 segfaults right away upon restart.  It 
>>happens after a while with a booted system.  I restart dnsmasq a few 
>>times before this, then it refuses to restart.  Running it with the -d 
>>option doesn't help.  One of my scripts forces a restart of dnsmasq 
>>after a new DHCP address has been registered, via the scripting method. 
>>  Instead of a restart, should I simply send a SIGHUP?
>>Will try 2.38 and see if that works.  Also will test 2.40.
> In the script file one calls during dhcp address operations, it is a 
> particularly bad idea to restart the server.  Sending a HUP is fine, but 
> turning off the parent from the child is in a subshell is a Bad Idea (tm).

I'm out beyond the wilder shores of Unix process-law here. Any idea 
exactly what happens so that is can be guarded against? I'm unhappy with 
the idea that it's possible to segfault the daemon any way.

HUP is fine as long as the configuration you are changing is in 
/etc/ethers. The next release will go further and have the ability to 
(re-)read a file which can contain complete dhcp-host type machine 
information. That allows on-the-fly update of tags, client-id and lease 
times, as well as MAC/IP address.




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