[Dnsmasq-discuss] vendor-encapsulated-options

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Thu Jun 21 09:31:42 BST 2007

richardvoigt at gmail.com wrote:

>>i won't pretend to understand how you went from
>>    "01:04:31:41:50:43:02:01:01"
> tag 1, 4 bytes, content 31-41-50-43
> tag 2, 1 byte, content 01
> Am I right?
>>    dhcp-option=vendor:,1,31:41:50:43
>>    dhcp-option=vendor:,2,1

You're right: dnsmasq will collect all the options marked a vendor 
encapsulated (with the vendor: string) and put them together inside a 
"vendor encpsulated options" DHCP option. the net result is the same set 
of bytes that you are giving "by steam" to dhcpd

I forgot to say that this stuff has changed over the life of dnsmasq: if 
you're using an old version, it might be different.



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