[Dnsmasq-discuss] Restricting dhcp-range to certain MAC prefixes?

Dermot Bradley dermot.bradley at sla-mobile.com
Tue Jun 26 18:40:45 BST 2007

> Just to check, is this a test13 problem, or does it happen with 2.39

Happens with both 2.39 and test13. Its not a complete TFTP transfer
failure - the Astra is able to fetch a 3,345 byte text file fine
(aastra.cfg) but the problem occurs when its trying to fetch a 1,392,748
byte binary file (9133i.st - firmware). Just testing with 2.39 now and
this binary file failed *twice* this time at block 26 with the same
undefined error code, upon the 3rd retry it got beyond block 1312 (seems
like my capture didn't go any further).

A Snom is able to download its config file fine, I haven't yet tried to
get it to download a firmware upgrade.

> Please could you save the the Wireshark packet dumps (both tftpd-hpa
> dnsmasq) to files and send them to me off-list?

I'm preparing these to send to you.

> Also, try setting
> tftp-no-blocksize
> which might work around problems in the client.

This made no difference either.

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