[Dnsmasq-discuss] Adding a redundant dnsmasq server

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Thu Jun 28 20:40:23 BST 2007

Richard Crane wrote:
> Once again the question of a simple backup/redundant dnsmasq system has 
> come up. These are internal IP so we have plenty of address space. 
>  Is there  a simple way to run two instances of dnsmasq doing dhcp 
> serving for the same range, without their stepping on each other?  Our 
> population of clients is about 45 that are active almost every day, and 
> another  20-40 that show up from a couple of times a week to a few days 
> per quarter.  Is it worth getting the MAC addresses of the "permanent" 
> systems and specifically assigning an IP with a dhcp-host statement?  
> Then why not give them static addresses?
> Comments? 

You can run active/passive, providing that both instances have access to 
the lease database: that's normally in a file, but you can use the 
lease-change script to store it in a real database if required. Linux-HA 
on a server pair would do it.

To be honest, if you really need redundancy, using the ISC dhcpd, which 
supports the DHCP clustering protocol and active/active will probably be 



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