[Dnsmasq-discuss] Why the dnsmasq dns serverice don't read the first line of /etc/resolv.conf

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Mon Jul 2 13:24:03 BST 2007

gong bin wrote:
> HI , everybody
>   The topic as the subject. I write a wrapper of dnsmasq to setting the dns
> ip address.The format of resolv.conf is
> nameserver  XXXXXXXX
> nameserver  XXXXXXXX
> When I am testing it, I found the Dnsmasq not read the first line Which
> never use first dns server.

Are you sure that it is not reading the first line? Check the logs,
dnsmasq logs which servers is found in resolv.conf.

Note that dnsmasq will normally only use one server: is that fails it
will start to use the other one instead. That may be confusing you.

> 2. I want to know one dnsmasq how can to setting as dhcp server for two
> subnets and two different interface.

Just provide two dhcp-range statements, one for each subnet.

If you are restricting which interfaces dnsmasq listens on, you will
need to provide an interface statement for each one (or use



>   Thanks.
> Alex
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