[Dnsmasq-discuss] Announce: dnsmasq-2.40

Simon Kelley simon at thekelleys.org.uk
Wed Aug 29 19:47:59 BST 2007

It's four months since the last release, and many small changes have 
accumulated, mainly fixes, so I've released dnsmasq-2.40.

Available, as usual, from


Have fun.


Changelog from 2.39:

             Make SIGUSR2 close-and-reopen the logfile when logging
             direct to a file. Thanks to Carlos Carvalho for
             suggesting this. When a logfile is created, change
             its ownership to the user dnsmasq will run as, don't
             leave it owned by root.

             Set a special tag, "known" for hosts which are matched by
             a dhcp-host or /etc/ethers line. This is especially
             useful to be able to do --dhcp-ignore=#known, like ISCs
             "deny unknown-clients".

             Explicitly set a umask before creating the leases file,
             rather than relying on whatever we inherited. The
             permissions are set to 644.

             Fix handling of fully-qualified names in --dhcp-host
             directives and in /etc/ethers. These are now rejected
             if the domain doesn't match that given by --domain,
             and used correctly otherwise. Before, putting
             a FQDN here could cause the whole FQDN to be used as
             hostname. Thanks to Michael Heimpold for the bug report.

             Massive but trivial edit to make the "daemon" variable
             global, instead of copying the same value around as the
             first argument to half the functions in the program.

             Updated Spanish manpage and message catalog. Thanks
             to Chris Chatham.

             Added patch for support of DNS LOC records in
             contrib/dns-loc. Thanks to Lorenz Schori.

             Fixed error in manpage: dhcp-ignore-name ->
             dhcp-ignore-names. Thanks to Daniel Mentz for spotting

             Use client-id as hash-seed for DHCP address allocation
             with Firewire and Infiniband, as these don't supply an MAC

             Tweaked TFTP file-open code to make it behave sensibly
             when the filesystem changes under its feet.

             Added DNSMASQ_TIME_REMAINING environment variable to the

             Always send replies to DHCPINFORM requests to the source
             of the request and not to the address in ciaddr. This
             allows third-party queries.

             Return "lease time remaining" in the reply to a DHCPINFORM
             request if there exists a lease for the host sending the

             Added --dhcp-hostsfile option. This gives a superset of
             the functionality provided by /etc/ethers. Thanks to
             Greg Kurtzer for the suggestion.

             Accept keyword "server" as a synonym for "nameserver" in
             resolv.conf. Thanks to Andrew Bartlett for the report.

             Add --tftp-unique-root option. Suggestion from Dermot

             Tweak TFTP retry timer to avoid problems with difficult
             clients. Thanks to Dermot Bradley for assistance with

             Continue to use unqualified hostnames provided by DHCP
             clients, even if the domain part is illegal. (The domain
             is  ignored, and an error logged.) Previously in this
             situation, the whole name whould have been
             rejected. Thanks to Jima for the patch.

             Handle EINTR returns from wait() correctly and reap
             our children's children if necessary. This fixes
             a problem with zombie-creation under *BSD when using

             Escape spaces in hostnames when they are stored in the
             leases file and passed to the lease-change
             script. Suggestion from Ben Voigt.

             Re-run the lease chamge script with an "old" event for
             each lease when dnsmasq receives a SIGHUP.

             Added more useful exit codes, including passing on a
             non-zero exit code from the lease-script "init" call when
             --leasefile-ro is set.

             Log memory allocation failure whilst the daemon is
             running. Allocation failures during startup are fatal,
             but lack of memory whilst running is worked around.
             This used to be silent, but now is logged.

             Fixed misaligned memory access which caused problems on
             Blackfin CPUs. Thanks to Alex Landau for the patch.

             Don't include (useless) script-calling code when NO_FORK
             is set. Since this tends to be used on very small uclinux
             systems, it's worth-while to save some code-size.

             Don't set REUSEADDR on TFTP listening socket. There's no
             need to do so, and it creates confusing behaviour when
             inetd is also listening on the same port. Thanks to Erik
             Brown for spotting the problem.

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