[Dnsmasq-discuss] setting up dynamic DNS?

Adam Hardy adam.ant at cyberspaceroad.com
Wed Sep 12 00:32:07 BST 2007

Adam Hardy on 12/09/07 00:18, wrote:
> Simon Kelley on 11/09/07 12:18, wrote:
>> FQDN overrides hostname (this makes some sense since FQDN is a newer
>> facility, so one can assume that a FQDN is authoritative, with hostname
>> left only for servers which don't implement FQDN).
>> It would help me if you could just check that FQDN works with the
>> correct domain. The last logs you posted seemed to indicate that the
>> problem was just a mismatch between the domain part of the FQDN and the
>> domain configured in dnsmasq. If the FQDN was indeed correct, then there
>> might be a bug in FQDN handling in dnsmasq. If so, let me know and give
>> me the version of dnsmasq you're using and I'll take a look.
> With FQDN it doesn't work. I commented out


forget that. It does work with FQDN, but only after I removed the .net suffix to 
the fqdn and all the hosts files and other config files, following David's 
suggestion in the other email (which of course I didn't read until I sent my 
previous email).

So thanks again everyone.


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